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Official Selenite Bookmarklets

Selenite Save Utility

This is the official Selenite Save Utility, which allows you to download your data from any website easily.

Selenite Upload Utility

This is the official Selenite Upload Utility, which allows you to upload a Selenite save file to any website easily.

Selenite Minified

This is a minified version of Selenite, that you can open at any time, without relying on a single website.

The Ultimate Tab Cloak

Disguise any website you're on as Canvas, Desmos, or Google Drive!

Other Bookmarklets

Car Axle Client

Car Axle Client is a bookmarklet with tons of features, including a mini browser, YouTube embedder, and tons of other smaller scripts! (made by Penguinify)

Edit any page

This allows you to edit the text of any webpage.

X-Ray Goggles

This allows you to view and edit the source code of any website, like a more powerful version of "Edit any page".

Dark Mode

This sets any page to dark mode.


This adds a piano to the page.

Developer Console

This adds all features of the developer console to whatever page your on.


This allows you to play Asteroids on the website you are on, destroying everything.


This allows you to collect the words on the page into a ball. Fun game, I recommend playing it.